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Why I Screwed Up

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Why I Screwed Up
  By: Bo Muruaga

I screwed up a couple of weeks ago by smoking weed.   I did it twice.   The first time I smoked weed was at school during lunch, which now I realize how stupid and careless that was of me.   Now the second time I smoked was a little less stupid of me, but still pretty stupid.   I thought it would be a good idea to smoke in the bathroom at my dad’s house.   The reason why I thought it would be a good idea was because I could open the window and have the fan on so there would be no smoke or smell.   But I didn’t realize I left some weed behind in the bathroom where my dad would find it.   I am truly sorry about my decisions I made and will not do that again.   Now I am going to tell why smoking weed is bad and what effects it has on a person.
Now my first reason is that will make you stupider.   There where studies led by President Nixon which later led to the war on drugs.   Scientists conducted a study on lab monkeys to see if smoking Marijuana killed brain cells.   After a couple weeks of tests the scientists reached a conclusion that smoking Marijuana did kill brain cells of the monkeys.   Which meant smoking weed would also kill brain cells of humans too.   But everyone knows there are always two sides of every story.   What they did not let you know was that while the scientists conducted the studies that when they got the monkeys high that they pumped an equivalent of seventy-three joints of smoke through a gas mask on the monkeys.   So the main reason why the monkeys brain cells were killed was because they where suffocated to death.   When you are suffocated that also kills brain cells.   So there is a good chance that the reason why the monkey’s brain cells were killed was because they where suffocated.   Even though there is still the possibility of smoking Marijuana also kills brain cells.   So my first reason is why smoking Marijuana is bad is that it kills brain cells and makes you stupid.
Second, it could just plain ruin a...


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