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A Grandfather’s Influence

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In my seventeen years, many people have attempted to mold and shape my character.
While I owe a tremendous amount of who I am to my parents, teachers, and
peers, I sometimes find others have had just as significant an influence on me by
the way they present themselves. By observing those people, I have been able to
absorb vital characteristics that I use and will continue to use my whole life. One
person who has taught me is my grandfather. My grandfather has instilled in me
invaluable lessons through his wisdom, humor, and work ethic.
While walking up the hills in the Bronx to the Court Deli, my grandfather often
lags behind the crowd. For the past fifteen years our family has had season tickets
to the Yankees, and it has become a custom to walk to the deli a few blocks up
from the stadium. As I walk up the hill I slow down to keep my grandfather company.
“Keep up with your dad, I am fine,” he tells me. I take a few quick paces
and catch up with my dad, but worry about my grandfather who follows a few
steps behind. It is obvious that he is struggling to keep a steady pace, but the look
of determination out weighs his pain. Every visit my dad suggests that we eat at
the Stadium rather than go up to the diner, but my grandfather thinks of us and
struggles up the hills every single Bronx visit.
My great-grandfather saved the local town newspaper from bankruptcy, and my
grandfather did not think twice about taking over when his father was no longer
able to work. My grandfather worked many years as the owner of the newspaper,
a demanding job that required a lot of time and effort. Never quitting, my grandfather
was with the newspaper through many difficult situations while raising a
family. Although I do not yet have a family of my own, I have many responsibilities
at school and in my town. Teaching Sunday school at my local church has
been a Sunday tradition for the past four years. When I was asked to teach
Sunday school, I was very excited...


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