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Vietnam Traffic

      I had lived in Saigon Vietnam when I was young, in there many things horrible that I wish to change some day. The traffic not safety, the vehicles and pedestrians chaotic, also the noise of the vehicles and the vendors.
    One reason that I wish to change in this city is about the traffic not safety. There was only one
way, which is driving in the opposite direction. For example, when you’re driving on the street
you’ll need to obverse and pay attention around you, if not you’ll get a seriously accident by the
drivers are driving facing to you or even other drivers are driving across the street without the
stop side. “At least 30 people died each day, often with traumatic head injuries.” According to
USA. gov.
    Second reason are the vehicles and pedestrians chaotic. For instance, most people use to drive
motorcycles, bicycles to work even drove on the sidewalks. People who are walking should
be careful with those drivers. Besides, the people who walked across the street were usually walked without the walkway. The image of this city look heavily congested.
    In addition, I had to deal with the noise of the vehicles and the vendors. It was very noisy in
this city. The drivers honked their horns instantly, often for no apparent reason. Moreover, there
were so many vendors on the street. They sold like, newspapers, food, cakes and much more, and so they often ask people to buy their product, although people didn’t want to but they kept saying.
    Finally, all of these events could affect the safety’s lives of people greatly. Especially the drivers
and the walking people. I wish this city will change into a better conditions and safer, more strict
discipline, and more effectively to build a healthier live and a safer street.


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