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1.    Keep your tires properly inflated and check tire pressure once a month.  If your tires are flat, inflating them will reduce drag and improve efficiency.
2.    Drive the speed limit.  The faster you go, the more fuel you use.  Studies have shown that a vehicle traveling 100 miles at 55 mph, or traveling the same distance at 65 mph will have better overall mileage going slower.  In town, slow down and you’ll end up braking less, too.
3.    Regularly change your oil.  At least once a month, check the oil level of your engine.  Every 3,000 miles or 3 months (which ever comes first) have your oil changed.  Your engine will thank you for not having to work so hard.  Your wallet will thank you for the extra bucks over time.
4.    Tune up and maintain car as recommended by the manufacturer.  Just as regular oil changes will keep your engine running more smoothly, taking care of your car will help it last longer and go farther on less fuel.  Think of the investment as insurance – pay a little bit now and avoid major expenses and hassles later.  Aren’t you smart?
5.    Remove roof racks and other non-standard installations that cause drag and reduce mileage.  Obvious, but many people forget to consider this tip.
6.    Remove excess weight from the cargo or storage area. More weight means less efficiency.  Lighten up your vehicle and you’ll be spending less at the pump.

Carpooling is an easy way to save fuel
Aside from car care, you can also save fuel by minimizing the number of trips you take:
7.    Carpool.  Driving your kids to soccer practice?  Why not take the neighbor’s child along too?  Does your spouse work downtown like you?  Hitch a ride together and enjoy some time together that would otherwise be lost to the commute.  It doesn’t take long for 10 miles here, or 20 miles there to add up over a week’s time.
8.    Plan your trips ahead of time.  Sketch out a route for your errands, combine them all at the same time if possible, and look for the most...


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