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Life Starts and Ends

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Life starts and ends, as the cycle goes. But what is the meaning of life? Why are we here?
Since the beginning of time, people have looked to the heavens to answer this existential question. Since time immemorial, as well, there is not a single accepted universal truth which has answered this question.
Some insight into the meaning of life have even brought people to the outer limits of space, hoping to understand the vast cosmos. They hope to understand the meaning of life by trying to understand the universe, the stars, the time-space continuum. At the risk of being declared heretics, man did this to find the purpose of things, and ultimately, his own. Yet this quest has been marching on for centuries, in the deep parts of space, the remotest part of our seas, inside laboratories and within the confines of scientific explorations. More importantly, this quest has been so passionately discussed in too many a church pulpit, by people who claim to know the answer, and by those who claim to know the way.
Amidst this debacle, of faith, principles, test tubes and insight, we forget to look closer to home, for the answer. We have been so busy looking for the answer outward, that we fail to look within ourselves, for the answer. What is the meaning of my life? Why am I here?
The answer is always a personal decision. I am here to make a difference. I give my life purpose and meaning.
As a student of life, I am here to learn what role I play in the lives of the people that matter to me. I am here to learn how to best play that role, and create the most positive impact to the people I care most for.
I am here to grow, to be nurtured by truths bigger than myself, and blossom as they blossom in the hearts and minds of men. More importantly, I am here to be a part of these truths.
Ultimately, I am here to be part of the grander scale of things. I am here to create a legacy, and leave that legacy behind for people to look and say, “ That’s a life...


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