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Why Dam Is Necessary

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Why Dams Are Important

O God we are poor creatures of Thine, mercy upon us, we are starving, our lands are dry, our crops and we are equally thirsty…O God bless us with rains, give us shower of far fetched clouds..O God bless us with rain and water.. these are the cries and prayers all around when there is a time when the sky stops to pour drops from it.. Its not less than a devastation in an agricultural land if heaven holds its drops... not only the crops remain undergrowth but even people belonging to far off deserts suffer the throat piercing thirst because the only source of water for them is rain…not only the far off deserts but the dense and modern cities are afflicted and sink into darkness because production of thermal power is ended..and when they sink into darkness, suffer from the affliction of loadsheding, the wheel of industry stops its revolution and the poor laborers are compelled to starve…thus that lack of rain..lack of water envelops the whole lot and there are cries of thirst and hunger every where from deserts to plans and from plans to deserts. But look at the other side of the picture.. what happens when it rains…when God bless the prayers with equal response..the water pours…first drizzling..make each and everyone happy..but not more than 2 or three days…when the prayers are reversed..now cries with equal intensity…rather in more horrible tone implore..”O God! Stop it! Stop it! We are drowning…we are devastated….   .   What a   horrible scene it is.. what face revolt.. the country that was sinking in darkness because of lack of water is now drowning in the flood of water..the people who were dying in thirst are now victim of the irony of nature where “ water water everywhere but not a drop to drink”   Mr president sir, why it is..why we are unable of coping with the blessing of God. Is this water more than our need..Go into the rural areas and look there are still quarells over water… they are still waiting for canals to be flown again when...


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