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The World from a Palestinian

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Identity and Belonging – Growing Up Asian in Australia
Cultural identity and belonging is paramount to one’s sense of self.
SHORT poem –
“I am…”
I am the constantly lied about and the fought. I am the pushed pulled but never sought. I am the innocent, kind and the lover to everyone including the poor. I am the oppressed, slouched off, and the struggler of many wars. I am the slapped, punched and kicked by every “fair” named law. I am the one you hate, but know very little of. I am the one that cares about you and want to help you, but you care none of. I am a lover to every Omni, Carnie, and herbivore. I am the settler of your dispute under all the peace laws. I am the never heard of when it comes to good and always heard of when you refer to war. I am that person who helps the elderly cross the road. I am the hidden away from the world. I am from the stolen generation most people never heard off. I am the one who suffers from your brainwashing media. I am the hated one in the west, and the uncared one in the east. I am the one robbed out of its resources. I am the one denied from food and shelter.   I am the one constantly abused. I am the belonging and identity less. I am the non-existing. I am the belonging and identity less.
I am the wounded, hurt and the causality. I am the one who no one ever defends, and who cannot defend himself. I am the one who is always attacked. I am the one you convicted of a terrorist, when you actually never knew me. I am the one under constant abuse. I am the beggar for help. I am the un-accompanied. I am the voice of the lost nation.. If you ever became remorseful and sought to help me, they’d attack you too… I am the one under constant abuse.
I am the pitiful and the piety. I am the voice of a lost nation. I am the sufferer of your misery. I am the one where bomb testing is legalized upon. I am the made opinion less by the others. I am the one who needs to take on everyone’s crap. I am the orphaned child when young. I am...


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