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The Right to Information Act 2005

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RTI 2005

Main Features
The Right to Information Act 2005 is comprehensive which includes provisions for independent appeal penalties for non-compliance, proactive disclosure and clarity and simplicity of the access process. Its main features include:
A Broad Definition of Information:
The Act confers a right to "information" rather than just "record! Or "documents". Information includes permitting the inspection of public works. It also covers "information relating to a private body which can be accessed by a public authority under any law".
Proactive Disclosure:
The list of information to be proactively published by public authorities broad. In addition to standard provisions commonly contained in access list, public authorities are publish: the budget allocated to each agency, including plans, proposed expenditure and respects t disbursements; the manner of execution of subsidy programmes, including the amounts allocated are beneficiaries; recipients of concessions, permits, licenses; and relevant facts while formulating policies
Appointment of Public Information Officers (PIOs):
The Act provides for the appointment PIOs in all administrative units/offices as may be necessary to provide information to persons requesting it - Assistant PIOs are also to be appointed at each sub-divisional or sub district level. These portions are designed to bring access closer to the people by ensuring that applicants can submit requests in their local area.
Time Limits:
The Act lays down the time limits as thirty days for normal applications and 40 where a third party submissions is to be called for. In a novel approach, these time limits are reduced; a mere 48 hours where the information sought "concerns the life and liberty of a person".
The application fee is to be reasonable and no fee shall be charged for persons who 4 below the poverty line as determined by the government. Where a public authority fails to comply with time limits under the Act, the...


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