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Euthanasia Dilemma

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‘’Do not harm” Hippocratic oath says. Am I to violate it? Are there any ways to circumvent it? Hm…This oath was created by wise people. The people who believed that patients knew that doctors were there to help them.

And religion… everybody says only the God has the right to give and take life, death is in God’s hands as well as the birth. But what would he do if he was in my shoes? Unfortunately, I’m not the God and can’t make such decisions. Then why does it weighing upon me? Yes, yes… I understand if I did any harm to people around me. Then I will deserve such punishment.   But Did I offend or humble or disgraced smb. during the whole my life? Probably not. Why the God chose me to put on trial. He is probably sure that I can cope with it? But I’m not sure!

Can anything be compared with … horror of making the decisions like that? Only if the job of the sappers or rescuers when their lives are hanging by a thread. But the difference…. The difference is that in case of mistake they die, but I’ll have to live with it.

I realize that his relatives will be spared the pain of watching him suffer through a paralyzed illness. But does anyone think about me? I am also a human being. I also have a family and want to live life.
I don’t ask much from this world. I don’t expect much from my life. I just want to live my life, the life of an ordinary man, I don’t want any wealth, I just want to live my life. 26 years… is this the period of my happiness? Why? For what I finished the university and started my carrier. I want to attain a bit more, I want to enjoy life with my family to the full. Then why… why… why Mr. Janckins is my patient? I don’t want to live the rest of my life heavy-hearted.   Why should I stake my fortune in order to save this man?
I also have relatives. How can I look at their faces every day having such a load on my mind? Whom the will see in me? Probably, not the person who I am.

I don’t want the burden falling on Mr. Janckins...


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