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One day Jack decided to miss school and to go skating. When he came to the skating rink he met many friends and they had a lot of fun. Jack came home late in the evening and went to bed right away. The next day he felt worse and told his mum about it. Mum was very upset; she was anxious about his illness and his consequent absence from lessons.
      But when the doctor came he said that there was nothing serious, Jack had just caught a cold – a usual illness for that time of the year. The doctor prescribed some medicine and went away. Before leaving for work mum and dad told Jack to stay in bed for the whole day and not to drink cold milk or water. At 12 o’clock Jack got a message with his home task but he preferred watching TV to doing it. He was looking forward to a football match – Milan and Inter would be playing in half an hour.
      During the timeout he decided to breathe in the fresh air. He went out and decided to run to the nearest shop to buy some sweets but there was no change there, so he bought nothing. When he came back he saw some of his friends in front of his house. He invited them to his place. While they were watching the match, Jack’s friends offered to drink some beer. Jack wavered at first but then he agreed. They had a little party and soon his friends had to go away because Jack’s parents came back. When the parents entered the room, they smelt beer. Mum was really shocked, words failed her. While mother was doing odd jobs around the house, Jack and his father had a heart-to-heart talk about harm of alcohol and Jack promised to give up drinking forever.
      But the next day he drank beer against his father’s wishes, he just chewed a chewing gum. Jack went on drinking beer every day. At the same time his parents had much belief in his promises, so everyone was happy. Until January 12th…
      On January 12th Jack uttered a heartbreaking cry during the supper and fell on the floor. He looked like dead. In hospital it turned out that...


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