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I Heart Huckabees

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I heart Huckabees

The first time I watched this movie, I was confused. After attending this class for two weeks, I feel like I now am able to comprehend this movie much more capably. I feel like this movie explores the ideas of existentialism very well, and it got me to ask myself a few questions about life. Some things I thought about while watching this movie were: Do I myself live my life repetitively, like Brad? Because we are all just pieces in the universe, what is the true meaning of our existence, what gives us the drive to live, and exist?
I feel like this was an appropriate movie to watch after studying Nietzsche. One of the main connections I made between Nietzsche’s philosophy and the move, I heart huckabees, was that, “god is dead” (133). I felt like there was relevance to this quote in the movie because the Caterine portrays the dark character who seems to feed off the misery and suffering of others. She helps Albert to come to terms with himself by showing him the slow demise of Brad. She showed the audience that without support, even the strongest of heroes—or in this case CEO’s can be brought down.
Another connection I made in the movie was the idea of just existing. Nietzsche talks about how humans greatest weaknesses stem from consciousness. When Albert and Tommy are sitting on the rock in the marsh, hitting each other in the face with the ball, they are trying to achieve a blank mental state, a world without consciousness.
I’m glad we watched this movie in class after our introduction to existentialism. It truly helped to show me some real life connections that Nietzsche’s philosophy has on our everyday livelihoods.


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