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Conflict and Resolution

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Conflicts and Resolution
Topic Identification
Choosing a topic for a research paper, especially when over such a broad spectrum such as business communication, can be a very difficult task. Typically when one thinks of business communication or communication in general terms, the first thing to come to mind is conflict. What is conflict? Conflict arises from a number of reasons. Some reasons may include: no communication, not utilizing proper communication, personality differences, and many others.   The final research paper will show how businesses encounter conflict and provide strategies to resolve and avoid conflict internally.
In order to provide accurate information on conflict and resolutions, extensive research must be done. The first step to begin researching any topic is finding credible sources which provide relevant and useful information. The Ashford University’s library has an array of academic and business databases to peruse on various topics. Also, utilizing a local library can be helpful in finding hard copies of text on any subject matter. The required text for the class, Management Communication, also provides great information related to communication. The text also includes an entire chapter on conflicts that could potentially arise from communication and resolution strategies for businesses.
Having already looked through Ashford’s library ProQuest database for reliable sources and reading the text, the next step is to use the local public library to find further information related to internal conflicts in business. For some it is easier to read and comprehend information when having a hard text in hand to take notes from as opposed to reading articles and text online.
Once all research is complete, the last step is to gather all the findings/research and compile into an organized, clear paper explaining what internal conflict is, how internal conflict could arise in business, how internal conflict can be resolved and finally how...


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