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Educational Tour in Distribution

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Overseeing the movement of goods from supplier or manufacturer to point of sale. Distribution management is an overarching term that refers to numerous activities and processes such as packaging, inventory, warehousing, supply chain and logistics.   Product distribution (or place) is one of the four elements of the marketing mix. An organization or set of organizations (go-betweens) involved in the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption by a consumer or business user. Distribution is also a very important component of Logistics & Supply chain management. Distribution in supply chain management refers to the distribution of a good from one business to another. It can be factory to supplier, supplier to retailer, or retailer to end customer. It is defined as a chain of intermediaries, each passing the product down the chain to the next organization, before it finally reaches the consumer or end-user. This process is known as the 'distribution chain' or the 'channel.' Each of the elements in these chains will have their own specific needs, which the producer must take into account, along with those of the all-important end-user.

Every student is obliged to pass all the subjects taken in a certain curriculum. In order for them to make it, they have to comply all the requirements that will be required by their teachers or instructors.

As a student, who wants to finish my study and fulfill my dream to become an entrepreneur someday, I must also have to comply all the requirements. In our Distribution Management subject one of our requirements is to have an educational tour which held in “Queen City of the South” Cebu City. And from that educational tour we are required to make a narrative report which consist experiences and insights we gained form the said tour.

A night before our educational tour, I felt very excited. I can’t sleep well that night because of the excitement that I felt because that was my first time to go to...


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