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V for Vendetta - Paper

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Mark Pereira
AP US Government


      The movie V for Vendetta chronicles the movements of V, the title character, and it exposes the corrupt British government, energizes the populace through its takeover of the media and acts of terrorism against corrupt government officials and ultimately V dies as a martyr to further his ambition of freedom against big government tyranny for all, especially the disenfranchised.

V was imprisoned with many of the misfits of society. We are never told why he was imprisoned but we can safely assume that he was part of a minority or he protested the government in some form. We are sure of this because only certain types of people are sent to the Larkhill prison. They are the people that make problems for the government or offend the government by their very existence. The people sent to Larkhill were homosexuals, midgets, mentally retarded, deformed, homeless, crazy, lazy, and protesters of the government. The government didn’t want to have to deal with these people so they sent them to Larkhill along with other detention centers to be put to use or to die. In Larkhill many blood based chemicals were tested on the prisoners to try and find the cure for the biological agent that killed 80,000 people. They tried without prevail for 7 months on dozens of victims. The doctors started to hate their victims and wondered if they would act less weak and pathetic if they knew that they were helping their country. Dr. Diana Stanton found one case to yield results. He had several blood cell deficiencies. He couldn’t remember who he was or where he was from. He had a garden of Violet Carson Roses which he tended to. Around midnight on November the 5th he used the chemicals that he had in his garden to blow up first the medical wing and then the rest of the facility. He was severely burned and had all of his skin melted.

In a similar sense Nelson Mandela was the same as V. Although he wasn’t being used as a human guinea pig for...


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