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Plasic Surgery

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Summary of Camille Pagila’s “The Pitfalls of Plastic Surgery”

In Camille Pagila’s “The Pitfals of Plastic Surgery”, she discusses the issue of plastic surgery becoming more of a trend to make everyone similar, compared to a unique art form. Pagila feels that it has become almost a civil right to be able to have cosmetic surgery done to enhance ones own appearance. Which is understandable because maximizing ones own attractiveness and desirability is justifiable in any society, especially in Americas society. She is not against plastic surgery, she is against what it has become in our culture today, she believes that getting plastic surgery done should be a art form, and everyone should be unique, compared to what the reality of it is, everybody trying to look like a cookie cut “Barbie Doll”.
Although, remodeling the face has been a practice in Hollywood for many years, in fact, plastic surgery does today what make up used to do in the 1960’s. During the great era of Hollywood they would use make up to make older women still look their age, but just be ravishing and extremely beautiful, but in todays society that is no longer the norm.  
Having plastic surgery doesn’t only affect the cosmetics of one’s body, it can have a major impact on one’s health and disable actors and actresses to act to their full potential. Using Botox or having facial surgery can leave the face paralyzed and it will become harder and harder for the actor to preform facial expressions that their character would express.
Plastic Surgery has made its mark in American culture, and is definitely not going away anytime soon, it used to be a procedure that only the moneyed elite would be able to afford, but in todays America it is becoming more and more of a everyday norm to have reconstructive surgery. Although, she states she isn’t against the idea of plastic surgery, but she believes that the motives behind the procedure should be different, it should become more of a art,...


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