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Disney Films

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Cody Langley

In “Disney’s Dolls”, Kathi Maio explains several different points that she does not agree with in the children Disney films such as: racism, historical inaccuracies, and suppressing female independence. Maio explains how Disney films changed throughout the years and how Disney filmmakers became careless with how they present these issues. One example of this can be found in the Disney film “The Little Mermaid,” Maio explains how the main character is represented as a sexy woman because she is wearing a bathing suit top made of sea shells as her top part of the bikini. Another Disney film Aladdin depicts the main character with American facial features and an American boy accent instead of having Arabic features while other characters in the film are depicted as Arabic. Another argument Maio presents to her audience is that the older women in the Disney films are depicted as mean and witchy like, while the younger women are either waiting for a prince to save them or, as in Cinderella, are treated unfairly. Maio is upset with Disney filmmakers because they do not think that her point of view is right and she is feeling ignored.
When I was just a little child I loved to watch Aladdin and the famous Beauty and the Beast. Those were my favorites, especially when Aladdin’s monkey with his little red hat was on the flying carpet! But now growing up, I have realized that Disney films are targeted toward a young audience.   These films are at the most trying to appeal to that audience and at the least trying to deliver a message to that audience.   These films show good versus evil. Disney films also shows how triumph can overcome obstacles and children can use some of the characters as role models.
Most Disney films share the common message of good versus evil.   Much like real life, there are always good people and bad people.   These films let their young audiences know that there is such a thing as evil and that everyone is not to...


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