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Huxley's thoughts and opinions reflected in his writings, with elements taken directly from his life and experiences.   His style of delivering a direct message or arguing opinions is ever so captivating and i say that on behalf of every reader who has ever read his literature creations. He lived during the days of many world scale events and the impact gave birth to a changing society as a whole. All of this no doubt affected Huxley, and resulted in one the most powerful, thought provoking novel of all times "The Brave New World".

His vision of the future gives great insight to an undesirable lifestyle which may not be so different from today's existing one. The aspect that makes Huxley's novel so classic is his visionary ability to use these current influences and invent such a fascinating society. It takes more than intelligence to understand, perceive, observe, analyze, co-relate and foresee things of the future and hence he will forever be the indisputable king of the brave new world.

    So what makes his ideas and visions better than any other writer?

Its his more realistic interpretation of a world based on facts, data and analysis and that is what makes him a better writer.   He was an admirable, intelligent and talented writer of the past and no wonder he was nicknamed   Darwin's Bulldog for his fierce defense of evolutionary science.

Fascism was just surfacing in his time and he saw the impending harms that could result from it and so he portrays a totalitarian government and how social morals were changing, with a more open view of sexuality, more equality between man and woman, and a great deal of consumerism. The realism of his predictions of a totalitarian government that is in total power of its citizens, where people live in constant happiness due to advanced scientific techniques is presented as a dystopia and that is what shocked the world then and now. A debatable and important questions to ask....

    Should the state of...


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