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Reflection 21

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Study Skills Assignment

Reflective account of a critical incident
Table of Contents

Topic: Reflective account of a critical incident 3
Introduction 3
Model of Reflection 3
Description of the incident 4
Feelings 5
Evaluation 5
    Analysis 6
        Conclusion & Action Plan 6
    Assumption 7
References 8

Topic: Reflective account of a critical incident
Health Care setting refers to the control of practice and the sense of control of the practitioner’s environment in order to be able to retort applicably. Reflective practice as a thought for learning was introduced into many professions in the year 1980s (Rolfe and Fulbrook, 1998).It is realized as one of the conducts that professionals learn from involvement in order to understand and advance their practice.   Reflection on involvement is an opening through which health care practitioners can view themselves within the context of their practice. The importance of education through reflection is to expose, oppose and work towards resolving the inconsistency and commitment to achieve desirable work that drives this process, through the support and challenge of guidance. Thus, reflection is implicit to be the expedition of self-discovery and revolution. The process of guided reflection helps one to view his or her practice from a number of perspectives that would seem essential for knowing advanced practice in philosophical framing, theoretical framing and role framing. Reflection on action indicates the information one collects through individual or specialized experiences and adapting them into knowledge to use it in their applied involvements, which improve their expertise (Johns, 2010). Similarly there is a fragment of us that is acknowledged by others and not to us which is an important characteristic of reflection, where they give comments of our practice and proposals for improvement. Reflection debates the firmness for skillful support, high quality mentoring and...


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