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Input Devices

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Make sure that you are familiar with all of the information detailed in this booklet. There are a number of tasks for you to carry out, be sure to read the information fully whilst completing the tasks.

Use the theory notes on the teach-ict.com site to help you complete this booklet.


An input device is anything that is used to get data INTO the computer.   For example, you can use a keyboard to type text which will then be stored in the computer.   You can use a mouse to highlight, select and click – the instructions for what you want to happen go from the mouse, into the computer.

You need to know about a selection of input devices for your test.   Write a couple of sentences to describe the following manual input devices:

|Input device                   |Description                                                                 |Extra fact you found out               |
|Keyboard                       |A keyboard is used to enter text into the computer.   It has a set of       |Dvorak layouts—are available for       |
|                               |alphabet keys, number keys and function keys.                               |people who type with one hand or       |
|                               |Keyboards usually use a QWERTY layout.                                     |finger. These layouts make the most   |
|                               |If you have wrist pain you can get an ‘ergonomic keyboard’                 |frequently typed characters on a       |
|                               |                                                                           |keyboard more accessible to people who|
|                               |                                                                           |have difficulty using the standard     |
|                               |                                                                           |keyboard layout (called the "QWERTY"   |...


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