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Huricane Georges

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Hurricane Georges was a very destructive, powerful, rare, very intense and a classic long-lived Cape Verde-type Category 4 hurricane. Georges was the seventh tropical storm, fourth hurricane, and second major hurricane of the 1998 Atlantic hurricane season. Hurricane Georges was a category four (4) hurricane that generated in Atlantic Ocean. When forecasters first started tracking this storm George, it was a simple tropical storm, which is moderately strong. This cyclone was very clearly followed by the media, hurricane warnings were posted for the Atlantic Coast, people were asked to evacuate from coastal areas, flights were cancelled, etc. Everybody was prepared for the worst-case scenario, including me. My name is Reinaldo George and I am from the small Caribbean country, St. Kitts. Huricane Georges hit my country and it was a very interesting experience for my first strong hurricane experience.
On Thursday, September 21st the storm hit the federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. The whole week prior to the arrival of the storm there was plenty of rumors, gossips, and predictions on what to expect, but still no one had an exact idea on what storm was bringing us. For the reason that I have never faced such a natural phenomena before, I felt no fear and was very excited to see the storm. Despite the mega hype on television, I thought people were over-reacting about George’s visit by buying generators, flashlights, and batteries, and stocking up candles and food. I realized how wrong I was when this storm impacted my life in several ways. It knocked off the power in my house for more than a few days. I could not go anywhere, but most of all I have experienced a taste of how powerful Mother Nature can become.
Tough “lady” George caused a lot of people’s power to go out. The storm left many people without electricity and I was one of them. The power in my house did not get fixed for a good four days. I never realized how truly dependent I was upon electricity. For...


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