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Reviving the Patriotism

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There is a poor Rajasthani boy whose name is Chottu living in a desert. as he is born in poverty he is forced to work in a small hotel away from his village rather than going to school. His dream is to go to school and study.The owner of the hotel is a kind man his name is Bhati. He has another worker for him whose name is Laptan.As soon as Chottu comes to work over there Laptan says that he (Chottu) is now onwards under him. Not having anything else to say he agrees.that night bhati tells that chotu has to sleep with laptan in his rooms but laptan tells that chotu should go and sleep on some old bench so chotu thinks of a plan in his mind and suddenly he screams and tells there is a ghost behind him but laptan tells he is just fooling him so when chotu goes outside he makes some sounds which   to scare laptan and laptan gets scared and calls chotu inside makes him sleep on the bed and himself sleeps under the bed.The king of the villages name is Hukkum. and his son is a prince the prince does not have any friends. Laptan is amitab bachans great fan. he is always thinking about movies and telling dialogs. one day chottu prepares some tea and gives it to Bhati.he does not find it tasty so he tells he will teach chotu how to make tea.he teaches it to him and chotu grasps it very fast   and the next day makes it even more tastier and gives it to Bhati. Bhati does not belive Chotu has made it. so chotu makes it in front of bhati. bhati is shocked and tells that from the now onwards he will make tea and deliver it in the hukkums house.chotu has only one hindi text book from which he learns everyday and totally masters hindi.one day on the tv abdul kalams speech was coming in that he says that u should never belive in your destiny but belive in your karmas. he also mentiones that he himself used to sell newspaper to pay his school fees. chotu is greatly impressed.next day when chotu goes to deliver milk he meets the prince. they both become friends.the prince askes chotu...


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