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Feeling Embarassed?

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Feeling Embarassed?
      People often feel embarrassed when they feel intimidated by something, or the lack of knowledge they have for a certain subject.  This goes for everyone, including myself.  In my life there have been many things that I haven’t had a great understanding for, but when it came to my first ju-jitsu class I felt like I was up a river with no paddle. 
        My brother John and I are very close and disgustingly competitive with each other. We’re the type of competitive brothers that have to be better than the other one in everything and every way we do something.  It could be who can run faster, hit harder, or even eat more.  Anything that involves contact has always been where the biggest competitors come out in us because our whole family loves contact sports.  My brother and I have watched boxing and mixed martial arts for years and would always spar each other and wrestle around.
      A little over a year ago he started training to fight and his main discipline was Brazilian ju-jitsu.  He started attending an academy in Boardman that offered both ju-jitsu classes with gi’s and classes that focused more on various techniques of fighting such as kickboxing wrestling and muay thai.  So it wasn’t long after he started that the competition between us started about that could be better or chokes the other one out faster. 
      At first, I was very anxious about going to the academy to attend class with my brother because I didn’t really know a lot about the specific way of doing things.  At that time I had only read about it and watched it live on television or videos of it.  I felt I had to make an immediate impact because of the level of competition between us.  If a went in and flopped or looked like a deer in head lights I knew my brother would be all over me with all the trash talk.  In essence I was putting an enormous amount of pressure on myself before I even got there.
      Finally the day came when John drug me to class...


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