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-New Western Historians- American West was a place; it is there now and it always will be.

-Lewis and Clark- new their route wouldnt be straight to the ocean and there was a coninental divide.

-Robert Gray- 1792; discovered Colombia River

-Alexander Mackenzie- 1793; trecks across the country.

-Jefferson- regains interest in the west; writes 3 countries: Britain, France, and Spain

- The US nearly doubles in size when the Lousiana Purchase from the Napolean and the French. Jefferson selects Lewis. Jefferon's letter to Lewis tells that good would be provided to barter on the expedition, that he is to mark any area with a landmark(mouth of a river, islands, rapids, etc.), and to distinguish the new tribes from the new tribes that they will encounter. Look for any areas that can support agriculture for the US and to look for the out of the ordinary(new or extinct animal species). Jefferson wanted them to make copies of their journals from the expedition in their leisure time in case some get lost.

- The crew met all sorts of people on the expedition   and took great topography maps in the new territory. Sgt. Floyd was the only person to die on the expedition. 42 soliders and hired hands. Clarck's slave York was one of 3 people to not receive pay. York was treated equally while on the expedition and all of the Indians and other groups of people that they encountered loved him.

- Expedition started Manifest Destiny; the forceful of taking other's land to expand the US to the west coast.


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