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This is article is a transcript of Professor Chris Lee’s speech at the international bio diversity conference in late October 2010. The author contents the need to act now to save our nation through bio diversity. Arguing from a position of principle the writer assertrs that the need for change is now, this is done in a very stern yet demanding tone as the speaker is quite passionate about the topic. The writer uses tone and a formal style and extensive research findings to help establish his creditientails, this in conjuction with a range of persuasive techniques helps to persuade the audience and to assert the speakers contention.
The speaker uses a lot of inclusive language through out the speech, therefore showing his audience that he is included in what he is saying and not isololating him self from the rest of society. This becomes a persauve as it invites the listener to share her opnion with the speaker, which makes it easier for the speaker and listerner to realter.   Rehtorical questions are used at the start by the speaker to suggest the answer is self-evident and therefore the listener must agree to it, this in turn strengthens the speaker when he brings up the last conference 8 years ago.  

Whilst inclusive language attempts to get us involved in what the speaker contents, by the use of emotion appeal we are made to feel guilty about our actions. The use of emotional appeal is used to provoke a emptional response therefore bypassing the listeners sense of rationality when making decisions, “its to late for them”, “sadly”, “due to our own thoughtless human actions”. This appeal is made stronger by the use of evidence as this postions the listener to view the speakers argument at a much higher level as it provides them with actual figures and data “ 35% of mangorves……wetlands”. These statistics only strengthen the speakers point and contention for the need of change.
Lee’s closing and opening slide play a part in helping to persuade the reader, the...


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