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Short Essay of the Start of the World Wide Web

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The History of the World Wide Web
The original ideas for the World Wide Web came from the government. They were using the internet to share information quickly and more efficiently but the public wasn’t allowed to use it.   The World Wide Web was created by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990. He created it as a way for researchers of the European Organization of Nuclear Research (CERN) to share their research more efficiently and, ultimately, more quickly. Today, however, the World Wide Web is used for a more, common, purpose. When the Web was first made the researchers had to type in the exact address to get to the page they wanted or it wouldn’t take them anywhere. This inspired Lee to add the ‘hypertext’ links which allowed researchers to type in something and get a list of results that had something to do with what the person typed in.  
It all started in the 1980’s when an English physicist, Tim Berners-Lee, was working as an independent contractor for CERN. In 1980 Lee created a database call ENQUIRE. Then in March 1989, he wrote a proposal for a hypertext database similar to ENQUIRE but this time using the Internet to make it available globally. Then, Robert Cailliau, a fellow CERN worker and a Belgian computer scientist, rewrote the proposal the following year and joined Lee in pitching it to vendors at the European Conference on Hypertext Technology. However, even with the dual effort there was little interest at that point.
Even though they had little success at the European Conference Lee still pursued his idea. By the end of 1990, Lee had developed the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP), a method of sending information across the Internet, and the Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), the language used to build web pages. Using a primitive browser/editor he simply called World Wide Web, Lee created a web server (info.cern.ch) that housed the first-ever website, which described the project. Another CERN employee, Nicola Pellow, created a simple web browser that...


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