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Corruption Is Growing at Our Progress

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Knowledge is never complete but is an ongoing process and we are constantly acquiring knowledge through life experiences and also through education. Since knowledge is never complete it is hard for me to think that all knowledge is eternal because when I think of eternal or universal truth, I do think that of God as the ultimate truth. Universal truth stands the test of time and holds true in the present, past and the future but it seems that as we become more knowledgeable, we tend to develop this idea that there is no absolute truth but I do believe that there must be some absolute truth or reality and that for me is my religion. From the beginning God laid the foundation of the earth and His plans for salvation. God’s truth is not changeable but is grounded and fixed. No one can prove to me that God does not exist so therefore, I too would not attempt to prove God to anyone even though I would definitely swear by His existence. It is factual that man is always learning and as time goes on, is always revealing or uncovering truth but God’s truth is one truth that has always exited and those by faith who do believe did not always understand the whole matter of this eternal truth but slowly day by day and by way of study is uncovering such truth.
Except for religion there are some truth that is relative to different times and places. What we conclude to be true today may not be true tomorrow and we live our lives base on the reality of today. For example when AIDS was first exposed, it was believed that it was highly contagious through kissing and as a result the whole country was in a frenzy but as the medical field become more educated about this disease, and revealed that there are specific ways for the virus to enter the body, society had to changed their thinking and behavior to match the discovered truth. Growing up in Jamaica it was absolutely necessary that hot substances had to enter the stomach first thing in the morning and a bowl of cold cereal or...


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