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Zoo Advantages

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Everything has it is own importance and purpose in this world as well as zoos. Some people believe that zoos have more hazards rather than benefits while others argue that zoos are a part our world today. However I am sure that benefits of zoos are greater that influence to our life more positively. Zoos are the place in order to relax and to expand our awareness about animals. Additionally, they provide people to job opportunities as well.

First of all, zoos are the best place for relaxation. I am sure that people can forget their all problems spontaneously in a zoo. We are fascinating by attractive animals and beautiful birds in the zoo. In addition, sometimes zoos are the place or an excuse in order to get together with our friends. As a matter of fact, we do not often have sufficient time to meet with friends, so that is zoos help us to see each other. We meet just to go to a zoo but at the same time it is a chance for us to spend time together that is a genuine relaxation.

Secondly, zoos enable us to expand our outlook. If zoos exist and if we pay a visit there we can be aware of lots of animals. We can get information about threatening birds and rare animals as well. It would be necessary knowledge that we can use at any time.

Finally, zoos are the desirable places for the most people for employment. There are lots of people who work in the zoos such as janitors, supervisors, ushers, ticket sellers and so forth. It is clear that without them, zoos would not work, but it is also clear that so many people who are the breadwinners or wage earners of the families come to these places in order to make their families’ ends meet.

Consequently, zoos exist for a number of reasons. For some, including me zoos are the places for relaxation, for others zoos are the place to earn money. But the most important of all, zoos enable us to improve our intellectual level as well. We can get a wide variety of knowledge about animals by seeing them in reality in...


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