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Strict Teacher

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Strict Teachers are Great Teachers

In modern society, teachers are expected to give positive encouragement and show understanding to students. Actually, it contradicts the traditional Chinese wisdom. There is a well-known Chinese saying which translates into English as ‘Strict teachers produce outstanding students’. Whether this statement holds true has aroused heated debate among educationalists.   In my opinion, strict teachers, instead of lenient teachers, can definitely produce outstanding students.

First of all, strict teachers are role models for their students. Strict teachers are dedicated to provide quality education to their students by good preparation and intensive assessment. When the students see the enthusiasm and devotion of their teachers to make them excellent students academically and morally, they build up high expectation of their own future. Nurtured by the strict teachers, students’ destiny can be changed in a positive way in as short as a year of time. It is common for us to notice that two similar students going to same school, taught by strict teacher and lenient teacher respectively, show distinctive contrast in academic performance. It is simply the living proof, isn’t it?

Secondly, strict teachers are generally outstanding educators who understand the strengths and weaknesses of their students very well. Not only do they give intriguing presentation, but also supplementary lessons and intensive training of subject knowledge for students to achieve their learning objectives. All the hard work bears fruit. Driven by strict teachers, students are noticeably more attentive and eager to learn. Passionate teachers, willing learners and entertaining lessons -- the chemistry contributes to win-win situation between schools and students. From this point of view, you can see the utmost importance of strict teachers.

Last but not least, strict teachers are trustworthy. They can build up rapport with parents,...


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