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Why High School Graduates Take Time to Work or Travel Before Entering University

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It becomes increasingly prevalent that high school graduates take a period of time to work or travel before they go to study in universities or colleges. Why? I would like to analyze the root causes and disclose the benifits and withdraws in the essay.

The first reason that comes to my mind is the financial issue. People are lossing their savings and jobs due to the finacial crisis that happened recent years; Therefore, the fee for the university study is no longer an afforable burden for many families, especially for the needy ones. Children from such families are forced to work to collect the money for their further study.

Secondly, taking some time off to work or travel helps the jounior members to accumulate more social experience, and to have a clearer view of what they want to learn and achieve in future than their counterparts. Evidently, compared with those inexperienced ones, students with social experience before entering universities can handle affairs more sophisticately, and much more strong when facing crisis. Another important character is that they are quite concentrating and have clear goals about their future.

However, some of them might never come back to school after working for a period of time. But this is not likely to happen given the university degree is essensial if they want to have a bright future in contemporary society.

To sum up, there are varies of reason why children apply the practice. After comparing the advantages and disadvantages, I think it still worth to encourage our young generation taking a period of time to work or travel before entering university.


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