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Memory Assignment

Be sure to read Chapters 2, 3, and 6 (pp. 175-180).   You can begin this assignment without completing the reading, but it will be important to read the chapters before the exam.   When you complete your responses below, be sure to answer in complete sentences and use correct grammar, spelling, capitalization, etc.

  I. Select a class in which you have a lot of information to remember.   What class did you pick?   What kinds of information do you need to remember for that class?   Your response should be at least 55 words.
  * I picked PHIL 194. I have to remember definitions for all the words we look at. Also I have to come up with a sentence for each one of them. The biggest information I have to remember is how to know what argument to use and also if the premise is true if the conclusion is true too. So far that the biggest information that I have to remember.

  II. In that class, how do your currently remember information?   Your response should be at least 40 words.
  * I remember my homework in a lot of different ways. First am I take notes so I could go back and look over it. The second way I remember information is I try to visualize it in my head so I won’t forget it.

  III. Now, go through Chapter 2, pages 50-56.   Pick a concept from that chapter, and in the space below, describe how you could apply that concept to your class.   Your response should be at least 55 words.
  *   I would pick the Spaced Practice. I picked that because I think it would help me in that class a lot, because I have that class Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week, so I feel like if I used the Spaced Practice it would be a good help for me to pass the class, because I can do my homework and still have time to rest and do other things.

  IV. Next, go to the appendix in the back of the textbook, to page C2.   Complete Exercise 3.1 in the book or on a sheet of scratch paper.

  V. In the space below, list those memory principles based on...


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