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Proper River Utilization

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good morning to everyone present here! Today i aditi agarwal am going to speak against the motion that is if Indian rivers were utilized effectively, it can go a long way in solving water scarcity

During these times when global; warming is changing the whole world just utilising the river water effectively is not going to solve the problem. water scarcity is defined as the relation between demand for water and its availability . because of the rise in population people have been depended heavily on the rivers for their day to day   requirements! the river water in addition to being polluted badly is also losing volume. Inadequate rainfall is also one of the factors!
we need to shift attention from the rivers to other sources of water which is found abundantly. but we also need to take steps to reduce the water scarcity and take action which will increase the water levels.
we need to start realizing the threat global warming is imposing on us and take steps so that the glaciers which had been melting away   then, start storing more snow now and they have time to provide us with more water.
we need to start planting more and more trees to increase the amount of rainfall. Then only can we replenish the ground water which has been reducing at a high rate. The level of underground water can only be increased by rainwater harvesting which should be implemented more and more. This shouyl;d be made top priority in ever city town village of india! Only then will the river water reduce being the center of all requirements and water scarcity will have a good chance of reducing.
So I say that just by finding effective ways to use river water is not enough but we have to take steps to increase the water level in india and find other methods to exploit the other water sourcesc also!


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