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Will the Use of Technology to Control People Create a Stable Society?

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Brave New World, written by Aldous Huxley, is a novel set 632 years after the release of the Ford Model T and the assembly line. The concept of the assembly line is applied to the “decanting” and conditioning of people.   The use of technology, such as drugs and conditioning, to control people in order to create a “stable” society leads to rebellious actions in order to defy the leader. The rebellious actions of three characters; Bernard, John and Lenina take steps in their own way that disobey the leader of the World State, Mustapha Mond.
Bernard Marx is a character in Brave New World that stands out from the rest; his views towards the current state of society are different than what the World State encourages, although he subconsciously abides to the morals and values due to the conditioning process he went through. Other members of society regard him as one of the Alpha-males that have “alcohol in his blood surrogate.” Bernard refuses to take soma, because he would rather feel sad and depressing emotions. He would rather “be [himself]…[himself] and nasty. Not somebody else, however jolly (Huxley, 59).” Soma is a drug that is used to control one’s emotions, and is forced upon the citizens by the World State. Bernard feels as though one doesn’t need to change their emotions and should embrace feelings like sadness and depression because it would help one grow as a person. The World State feels as though those emotions are harmful and should be eliminated. Bernard is against having casual sexual relationships with multiple women; he would rather “[go] for walks in the Lake District…land on top of Skiddaw and walk for a couple of hours in the Heather (pg #).” The World State encourages having multiple casual relationships, since “everyone belongs to everyone else,” but Bernard feels that one couldn’t do that all the time. He would rather be with someone and not do anything at all. This is a rebellious action due to the fact that the World State tries to prevent...


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