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Appeals of Science Fiction

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Boris Karloff in the film Frankenstein

Science fiction as the name implies deals with the certain scientific facts which are woven into the fabric of fiction. If the novelist is careful in depicting the scientific fact, the fiction becomes really interesting. It is not necessary that he must be thorough in his facts but if he can make one believe that the story is probable, then he has done a good job.

There has been several writers of such a kind of science fiction. They are Jules Verne, H.G. Wells and other. “Around the World in Eighty Days” and “A Trip to the Moon” by Jules Verne are very popular for what he prophesied have become true. It does not take eighty days but eighty hours or even much less today to go around the world, so with his trip to the moon. The launching site which Verne’s moon men landed on the Pacific was on their return. Only the fact that Verne’s men did not land on the moon though they went round that moon goes to prove what these writers have some knowledge of science.

The present moon trips have reviewed the interest in Verne. Many journals have praised the work of Jules Verne. It is a wonder how he could have been so correct in launching and getting back his moon men. The appeal is limited because it is merely of fictional value with a lot of imagination. The emotional value is wanting. One shall agree with this remark when one reads Verne’s “Around the World in Eighty Days”. There is enough adventure and several scientific facts are utilized. All modes of transport known in those days are mentioned. Even the geographical fact that as one travel East the time is advanced but once the “END” is reached they may not be any urge to take the book again unless there is a need for reviewing the fact. The human element of romance does not a major part in such kinds of fiction.

H.G. Wells has written some famous science fictions, the most famous of them being “The Time Machine”. “Frankenstein” is another...


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