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We Do Need Pet in Our Life

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We do need pet in our life


With the increase of life standard, an increasing of family choose to have a pet with them. However, the phenomenon also give rise to some controversy. The antagonistic opinion is hold by some people because they consider that pets must bring a big problem, such as additional expense, ailment and so forth. On the contrary, a large number of people agree that having a pet is such an advantageous thing for whole family members. In my point of view, I am in favor that people should have pet. Not only can pets exert the psychological influence to children, but also can bring happiness to family. Besides, pets serve a purpose in daily life.

Pets can develop the sense of commiseration and independence of children. First of all, since pets are so weak and cute that children must pay much love and patience to take care of them. Children would taste how painstaking their parents look after them, which helps children to learn to be considerable and selfless. Besides, children can improve their skills to be independent as well. Making clothes, combing the fur for pets, even taking pets to veterinarian makes children more sociable, practical and sympathetic.

Pets are the perfect companion for a family, especially for the old. For those who children is far away from them, the pets can act as the carrier of miss to expel loneliness. People can pour out their heart to pets, which ease the pressure and miss. According to an survey recently, more than 80% people who have a pet lead a fulfilling life. Pets are conduced to help child cultivate a healthy behavior and personality, as child always plays games with pets around the garden instead of sitting in front of computer. Additionally, taking dogs for a walk provide a chance for the people who have little time to exercise, making the life more regular and healthy. More importantly, pets bring harmony and love to a family, which is positive and warm atmosphere....


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