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Ethics in Software Industry

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To reach out the benefits of IT to common we need Internet, Affordable computers, S/w
1. 85% of computer usage is Word Processing
2. Browsing, e-mail, chat have changed out life-style of today
3. Emotion Containers can prevent people from acquiring bad habits
4. Personal Archives store personal details like family photographs and treasures
5. Kara-Oke allows one to sing along with the audio coming from the original
6. Robots function as Electronic pets to the children
7. Memo Frame allows easy interaction with other people through touch screen, scanner
8. ATM enable withdrawal of money from the user a/c anytime and anywhere
9. e-Banking permits banking from the comfort of the home by using internet
10. e-Learning enables online educational programs leading to degrees and certifications
11. Tele-Medicine is built on the foundational system namely Patient tracking system, Exchange of diagnostic records, Tracking and Monitoring Communicable diseases
12. The IT that helps in improving the quality of service to users is called ITES
13. ITES stands for   IT Enabled Services
14. converting speech to letter is an example of ITES
15. BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing
16. Call Center is defined as a telephone based shared service center
17. The ITES provider must ensure Data Security, Customer Privacy to an organization
18. Medical Transcription   is the permanent, legal document that states result of medical investigation
19. There are THREE steps involved Medical Transcriptions
20. The first step in Medical transcription is Hospitals signing up with a service provider, Doctor dictates into a free telephone, The sound is stored in server at the other end
21. The second step in Medical transcription is Sound is digitized by the ITES provider, Digitized data is converted back to sound Transcriptionists,   listen to dictation & transcribe
22. The third step in Medical transcription is Transcription is sent to experts for correctness, Corrections...


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