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Causes of the Fist World War

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In this speech Mr. Bill Clinton is trying to show his audience that he is showing sympathy and forgiveness for behaving in such a manner and being with his secretary by using persuasive techniques and grammar techniques like e.g. : persuasive language
In This part of the speech he is introduced the place and where the event is taking place at witch part of the day by repeating the word “this” to Show it is happening in the present tense.
Mr. Clinton in this paragraph clearly says “I answered all the questions truthfully.” First he is trying to show that he is Honest with the jury and the Office of independent council and the people   and also with him saying I answered their questions truthfully also indicated his a confident and an open-minded that gives and takes ideas and statements and with Mr. Clinton ending this paragraph with “questions no American citizen would ever want to answer .” Here he is exaggerating and praising himself to be the most confident but off course that is not true
At this stage everyone knows what Mr. Clinton did was wrong and he makes it clear once again by saying “I must take COMPLETE responsibility for all my actions.”   Because Him saying that he is trying to show the audience and the jury that he is a responsible citizen that people can make mistakes and he is a very good person with only one mistake that he has done.
He begins the paragraph with “as you know,” witch straight away grabs the audience’s attention because he might say something that the audience doesn’t really know   and it also gives him a reason to continue speaking and it leads into another topic and it also means he is going to say something important to the audience so they should listen closely to what he is going to say.
Mr. Clinton here admits he is wrong by saying “Indeed I had a relationship with Miss Lewinsky and that was not appropriate.” And he made a mistake and his trying to show he is not perfect person that has made a mistake and he know regrets and...


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