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Use of Water

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The line graph shows the change of   global water use between 1900 to 2000 by different department(e.g., domestic, industrial, agriculture)while the table describe the data about water consumption in two different countries-----Brazil and Congo.
According to the graph, the use of water are all show an upward trend from the year of 1900. More specifically, the agriculture use about 500m³ water in1900 whereas the industrial and domestic use quite less just over 0m³.After that, there have a steadily increased of both three sectors from the year 1900 to 1945.From this point onwards, the agriculture’s consumption of water shot up during the 55-year period(arrive over 3000m³) and the industrial usage amount also has an rise(reach over 1000m³). By contrast, the domestic’s water consumption just have a constantly increase(about 200m³).
As can be seen in the table, the water consumption per person in Brazil are much higher than Democractic Repubulic of Congo. To be more precise, the usage amount of water by Brazil is 359m³ while the Congo only consumed 8 m³per person.
Therefore, it can be clearly seen from this two, water consumption in agriculture is highest than the industrial and domestic.

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