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Long Term Causes of Ww1

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The Long and Short-Term Causes of WW1

World War 1, many people would ask what were the effects of this tragic moment in time. Many people would think that this war gave many long-term causes, however it indeed also gave short-term effects. People only focused on the big countries. The central powers, which were Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy. The ring of steel that included Britain, France and the almighty Russia.

Militarism. This is part of the long-term causes. The big countries have to get a big army given a high profile by the government. They need everything they can get to make the strongest army in Europe. Britain had a great navy, so Germany wanted to be stronger so the tried to make a big navy. Britain didn’t want Germany to have a big navy and wanted them to have the only big navy. The armies of both France and Germany had more the doubles between 1870 and 1914. Germany attacked France through Belgium (as shown is PHOTO 1). But if Russia made an attack on Germany they would have to go back.

Alliances. An alliance is an agreement made between two or more countries to give each other help if needed. But if you sign an agreement and your partnering country goes to war, you have to help them, so the country had no option but to declare war if the allies declared war first. Brain, France and Russia all signed an agreement to form an alliance called the triple entente. On the other side Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy also singed an agreement to form the triple alliance.

Imperialism. Empires. Britain had the biggest empire in the history of the Earth. Extended over 5 continents with their allies France had controlled large areas of Africa. The ring of steel was way in front with the help of their Empires. But Germany also wanted to have a big Empire and once again they had a competition against Britain, Germany only got small areas of Africa.

Nationalism is when you are a citizen of a country you will be willing to fight and have...


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