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Svetlana Hausler
Environmental Science
News article
Personal   Opinion Response
I red this article a couple times over and over again never once changing my train of thought. Throughout this article I felt very fascinated in this ozone pollution and what is it and where does it occur. So on my spare time I went and researched this pollution and found the answers I seeked, which made this reading easier to comprehend.   I also paid close attention to what side effects this ozone pollution creates and what kind of atmospheric feeling people live through. This pollution is not like car, or cigarette pollution, it does not have a strong smell but gives off strong effects on people’s lungs.   I personally believe with all our health concerns in today’s society we have not a minute to waste, and a second to argue but just more and more time for research and developing cures. Who knows maybe the president himself could be at risk from this pollution? Why argue when it comes to life/death situations.   As I red the ozone pollution is dangerous to the lungs and if exposed creates strong side effects like heart attacks, premature deaths, and lung ailments. There should be no limits in research or budget spendings when it comes down to medical life-risking scenarios. Overall, I felt health groups should not need to get Bush or Obama Administration approval in these types of situations because they are life-risking and dangerous for everyone.


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