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Sabotage Sisters ~Atleast the First Chapter~

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Sabotage sisters
                                        Chapter 1
                                  The beginning                                     INSPIRED BY THE MOVIE:REVENGE OF THE BRIDESMAIDS.

Carol, Sharon, Ashley, and Carson were four best friends and even considered each other as sisters. But, Sharon, Ashley, and Carson thought Carol was a big pain in the butt. Carol always bossed around the other girls, and the others were sick of her. But the still put up with Carol because she was a really cool, outgoing, and nice person. The girls had tea parties all the time. Carol was a rich girl. Spoiled till the pit of the peach. Got everything she wanted. Clothes, shoes, cell phone before everyone else did, that’s why she acted like a pain in the butt. Sharon was a little prissy girl who loved everything about fashion. She dreamed about having her own fashion. She’d call it ‘’Sharon Style’’. Next, you have Ashley who was the aspiring actor. She always spent her time memorizing and reciting monologues. They told her she could make it to Broadway one day. Lat but not least you have Carson. Carson was the author of the bunch. She loved to write. She also had an answer for everything. Carson and Ashley were the devious one’s of the group, always coming up with plans and making up ways to break someone’s life apart. But, they weren’t mean they were just doing it for the fun of it. Then they went to high school and became cheerleaders. But, guess what, Carol was in the spotlight all the time. One of the girls would be cheering their little butts off and Carol would jump right in front of them, and the girls wanted to jump on Carol but they kept the calm because they knew if they would jump on or fight Carol they would get put off the team. So, the girls are headed to college. Carson & Ashley went to New York to pursue their dreams. Ashley got an agent and got several gigs. But, Sharon and Carol stayed in Louisiana, where they lived since they were babies....


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