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The Weimar Government did recover Germany to a certain extent between 1924 and 1929.

Streseman managed to restore an economic recovery in 1924 with the Dawes Plan. This consisted of a deal with the USA, they would lend Germany 800 million gold marks in order to pay the reparations to the allies. This helped Germany’s economy recover as the Government could now pay the reparations and wouldn’t have to rely on the people of Germany, German people could not go back to normal, back to work. This also led to greater trust from the allies, as Germany could now pay the reparations.

The German people now had jobs; people were happy with the government and didn’t need the extremist parties. Whatever they had to offer didn’t seem a necessity because people of Germany didn’t need anything else.

Germany was accepted by other nations, she was invited by the Council to the LON in 1926. This proved that Germany was beginning to build a bond with the allies, and they were beginning to trust Germany again.

The industrial growth from the foreign loans meant that the German government had money to invest in the industry. Everybody had jobs and was earning money, this meant that people could afford to enjoy luxuries, and not have to worry so much whether they will be able to afford to feed their families.

The Young Plan in 1929 also proved that the allies trusted Germany again. The reparations were reduced to 2 billion. There was no censorship and things were looking really good for the German people.

However, the Weimar Government did have many underlying problems. The main one being that the economic recovery was all based on foreign loans. The Dawes plan would need to be paid back eventually. Germany was ‘Dancing on a volcano,’ everything seems great, until the volcano erupts!

Germany was not making a profit. There were fewer exports, and they were overproducing on many of their goods.

The government was spending money they did not have. They were spending...


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