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What Success and Failures Did the Axis Powers Have During Wwii

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What successes and failures did the Axis powers (especially Hitler) have and how did these things lead to their failure in WWII

Adolf Hitler was an amazingly and somewhat successful as a politician, rising from a good background to becoming Chancellor of Germany at the age of 43. His first six years were a virtually uninterrupted run of successes, elimination of unemployment, and rearmament of the German Armed Forces. Diplomatically he was able to convince Italy away from the British and French and move into an alliance with him and Germany

One of the Failures of Hitler was he didn’t immediately invade England after Dunkirk. A considerable number of military experts and most military strategy amateurs feel that Hitler should have gone ahead with an invasion of Britain anyway even without air supremacy.  If the Germans could have established a beachhead, odds would have been fair that they could have defeated the weakened British Army most of whose weapons still lay in the sands of Dunkirk.

Hitler's luck held out initially. His armies smashed Poland in a few weeks, and in 1940 he conquered much of Western Europe, defeating France in around 6 weeks. His success surprised even him, as he had no clear plans on how to deal with Great Britain, who still refused to negotiate with him. He launched an air offensive, known as the 'Battle of Britain', but failed to press home the attacks on airfields and aircraft factories, turning to bombing British cities after British aircraft bombed German towns in deliberate provocation. This gave the RAF respite and time to recover. The Germans would never come closer to defeating the British.

In 1941 Hitler had a little more military success in the Balkan offensive against Yugoslavia. The bombing of British cities continued and by May that same year   there were signs that the British was starting to show signs of their morale cracking. After the attack ceased Hitler moved his forces East to prepare for the invasion of the...


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