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Reflection Paper on Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence
                                                              Reflection Paper
I think this class should be taken by everyone; it should also be a whole semester and not just a workshop.   I learned a lot in just the couple of days that we had class.   I believe that there is so much that could be covered.   The speakers gave us a lot information that pertained to their type of work.   They also handed out volunteer opportunities for us to be able to help those that they serve.   I also thought that the videos were good to see, especially the one with the women in prison.   It showed them completely open up to the story they were telling about their life and how they ended up in prison.
As I read the readings that were assigned to the class and didn’t realize that there was so much material out there to read on the subject.   It really makes a person think about what happens in these violent relationships and who is affected by domestic violence.   We don’t know who is in this type of relationship, especially since it is something that is kept quiet and not openly talked about.
The topic that I choose to read was on intimate partner homicide.   I was interested in finding out more on this topic because of a couple of homicides that sticks out in my mind that was a result of domestic violence.   I wanted to know why the spouses or partners murder, and what lead to these murders.  
According to Intimate Partner Overview; homicides by intimate partners have declined in the past 25 years and women are more likely to be murdered than men.   In this journal it was also noted that most of the men that murdered their partner had abused drugs and/or alcohol.   There were three risks that were looked by Carolyn Rebecca Block; the recent attack, the frequency of the violence and the history of past violence.   Most of the women suffered some type of violence a month or one to two days before her murder.   The abusers were controlling, jealous, and had...


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