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The Significance of El Alemain

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The Battle of El Alemain
The Battle of El Alamein in November 1942 was when the British Eighth Army defeated the Germans, and forced them to retreat. The Battle of El Alamein is especially important as it marked the first defeat of the German Army during the Second World War this in turn enhanced the morale of the Allies, and again raised doubt on the effectiveness of Hitler to make military decisions. The loss at El Alamein introduced a continuous German retreat out of the North African sphere of influence, and inflicted sixty thousand casualties on the German and Italian armies during the twelve days of fighting. The large number of soldiers and resources that were important in the war were lost in the fighting, which significantly reduced the ability of Germany to fight against the Allies, leading to its eventual loss. The German army was also overstretched, and consequently fighting in North Africa therefore limited the ability of German forces elsewhere to win against enemies. As the first defeat of the German army, the Battle of Alamein was also a morale boost for the Allies, and portrayed the restrictions of Germany’s strength. Another implication of the exit from North Africa is Germany’s loss of access to oil in the Middle East, as well as control of the Suez Canal. A lack of oil in the later years of the war deeply affected Germany’s military performance. With Allied victory in North Africa, Great Britain and the U.S were able to invade Sicily and Italy, thereby opening a new front on Europe. This led to the defeat of Italy, and thus the loss of a vital ally of Germany, although a puppet nation was created in North Italy under the virtual control of Hitler. All these factors were direct effects of the loss of German forces in North Africa, and contribute to the eventual defeat of Germany in the Second World War.
In conclusion El Alamein was significant, as like in the Battle of Stalingrad, it stopped Germany from having access to oil in the Middle...


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