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Summary of Breaking Dawn (Movie) Part 1

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Bella and Edward tell Charlie they plan on getting married. Bella's mom comes out for
the wedding and Bella gets to see her one last time. They have the wedding at the
Cullen house. Jacob shows up and makes a scene when Bella tells him she plans to
have a real honeymoon with Edward. Edward whisks Bella off and they have a romantic
honeymoon at a secret location off the coast of Brazil. The native Brazilian maid freaks
out when she sees human Bella in Edward's arms.
Days after losing her virginity to Edward, Bella feels a twitch inside her womb, runs to
the mirror and sees a bump as if she is already a few months pregnant. The Brazilian
maid tells Edward the baby will kill Bella. Edward freaks out and takes Bella home,
intending on having Carlisle abort the baby. Meanwhile, Bella has called Rosalie and
enlisted her help to prevent the abortion.
Jacob, Sam and the rest of the wolf pack find out Bella is pregnant with Edward's baby. Sam says they have to protect their people and
prevent this monster from being born. Using his alfa-wolf voice that the pack must obey, Sam declares that the wolf pack must kill Bella and
the rest of the Cullens. Still in love with Bella, Jacob uses his birth right as the true alfa to resist Sam's order. In doing this, Jacob creates a
second wolf pack. Leah and Seth leave Sam's pack and follow Jacob. Jacob tells them to go back, but they don't listen and Jacob refuses to
use his alfa voice. Jacob's pack warns the Cullens and takes up guard duty outside the Cullen house.
Bella gets weaker and weaker as her baby grows alarmingly quickly inside her. Desperate, Edward tries to get Jacob to convince Bella to
abort the baby by saying she can have kids with Jacob and it's OK with Edward. Bella insists on keeping this baby. Worried, Jacob
suggests Bella drink some of the human blood Dr. Carlisle got from a blood bank. It works and Bella gets a little stronger.
Suddenly, Edward hears the baby's thoughts and everyone but Jacob now...


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