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Job Experience - Essay

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What is your job title and how would you describe your job’s everyday responsibilities and tasks?
I am an executive financial and also an agency owner. As an executive consultant, I will be helping my prospective clients or customers make decisions on how best they want to invest or whether it will be in their insurance portfolio or in their investment portfolio; whether it be in unit trust, in savings program or in education program for their children. So, I would be helping them make the best decision on how to distribute their finances. And as an agency owner, I also recruit, teach, and train, agents to be professional marketers in the industry so that they also would be effectively selling, training, and consulting in the near future.
For someone who is thinking of entering this field, what education or experiences is required for this job?
The minimum education required is to have a Form Five education. Experience is not necessary for this job but it would be an added advantage.
Were there any particular experience or qualities that you had in your previous jobs that had helped you in your current job?
I think being in the sales line has helped me to be more skilful and more experienced in handling and dealing with people as well as their problems. The interpersonal skills that I had then has also helped me to be more effective in being closer to my clients now in identifying their needs and also moving forward to helping them meet their needs through the programmes that I have for them. So, I think those who were in the sales line or have experience dealing with people in their previous jobs, it would help them a lot to give them the confidence and experiences they need in relating to people.
What do you think are the qualities that all the successful individuals in your field possess that brought them to where they are besides hard work?
I think one of the most important qualities that one needs to have is sincerity in dealing with people. Sincerity...


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