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My opinion
Overview on the entire book

The first thing a have to say about this book is that I really like it. Even more then I liked the triffids and I’m looking forward to read more books from this marvellous writer. I hope that this book will someday be brought out on video.

The most important subject in this book is about the shortcomings of ourselves and our society. In this book it says that the “old people” (which are us) have come the an end by a nuclear war. That gives a person something to think about. You have to think about it because a nuclear war isn't as far away as you might think. And what will be the consequences? The difference between one an the other is also very important in this book. Specifically, there is a “norm”. If you do not resemble it, you are a blasphemie. You will be abandoned or even killed. Things like this happen al the time in the “real world”. The second World War is an example of it. A more recent example is that moslims are dangerous because what happened on septemer 11 last year. The book shows us that there may be more resemblence of one another than one might think. Don’t judge untill you have seen it with your own eyes!

There are a lot of events in the book. But the most important one is when the others discover that David and the other persons have mind-pictures. An other important event is when David discovers that his litle sister Petra can make them as well, and a lot stronger then the rest of the group can. It actually is because of that, that they are discovered. After Petra is attacked, the rest of the group is demanded to go to her. Someone sees that they all ride towards the bush where Petra is, and start to ask questions. After that two of them get arrested and under torture one of the two discovers David, Rosalind and Petra. Then the chase begins to arrest them all so they can’t take Waknuk. It is also then that Petra for the first time contacts the New Sealand women. It is a race...


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