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What Is Hope

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Do you have enough hope?
HOPE! hope, hope? Good evening ladies, gentleman and fellow adjudicators Hope a small word consisting of a mere four letters. Yet a word that can change the thoughts, opinions, circumstances and life styles of many individuals. This change can in turn create a revolution of the 21st century, where every soul that walks the earth, walks not only in their own lives, but rather in the lives of the many that surround them. Today I ask you the simple question “do you have enough hope in you to help those around you”?
To each of you the term “having hope” may have a variety of meanings. To most having hope means a better future and to others “having hope” maybe a phrase that defines their lives, then there are those who sit and think “hope” wow what is that? This is a question that has to be answered by the individual in order to be completely understood. Personally, the term “having hope” is one that helps me get through my life due to my circumstances. On the 1st of December 2008, I lost both my mum and dad in a tragic car accident. At this time I was 13 years old. The following month I would be starting my high school career, in a place where I had no friends or no support structure and where people were unaware of my situation. I began to question life and found something as small as getting out of bed pointless. I was 14 years old and dealing with the loss of my parents who were literally my life line, I was also fighting the loneliness of being around hundreds of people daily, yet having no one to talk to. There came a point within that year that I had completely given up. It was at that moment that I was introduced to Christianity and began reading a numerous amount of Christ based books. It was through reading these books that I began to gain hope for my life again. I realised that I was actually very lucky, as compared to the hundreds of children that lose their parents daily. Even though I do not have a mom or dad, I still have a roof...


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