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Meat-Pros and Cons

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Nowadays, meat is so popular all over the world and it is believed that is a necessary food for every person. However, some people opppose to this issue. Both adventages and disadvantages will be analyzed below.

To begin with , some people consider that meat is a necessary food for a healthy body.In other words , they believe that meat is so healthy that provides us with sources of proteins and essential nutrients. This is wholly true if we consider that a dish of red meat equals three plates of vegetables.Another good of meat included is that it is so tasty and delicious that it is really hard to give up. For instance , a person who is about to choose between a plate of red meat of deer , and a bowl of fresh green vegetables such as spinach or cabbage , he would absolutely choose the meat one and throw away the green one.

Despite its benefits , there are drawbacks as well. First of all, eating meat has a real damaging effect towards the enviroment.To put in in another way, it is so unethical that in order to eat meat , we kill thousants of animals every day , and the first victims of them are the common pigs , which some of them never see the green meadows.Thus, eating meat ruins the enviroment totally.Another drawback , is that meat is unhealthy for our body even if it provides us with proteins and nutrients , it causes cholesterol and heart dissease especially the red meat as some people call it "Red Danger".

To sum up , in my oppinion meat is not as necessary as some place it , since we can cover all the special nutrients and proteins with other stuff such as vegetables , fruits and fish , without killing animals to fill our stomachs.We must be all aware of nature , and especially ourselves.


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