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How Could Oberweis Make Use of Modern Marketing Tolls Such as Twitter and Texting

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My 5 new products that I have purchased recently are a Samsung LED thin 3D TV, 3D HD
Camcorder, KOR-Fx Ear phones, HP Laptop and an IPhone 4. However the biggest fours Ps I would say
the prices was extremely high and where I purchased those products at is BEST BUY.   The Environmental
influences seem to be affecting me and my friends today because, however now a days the prices,
technology changes every year and the Importance of Marketing Environments. The signs that I see that
others are being affected by is external to the marketing management function, largely uncontrollable,
potentially relevant to marketing decision making, changing, or constraining in nature The marketing
environment is more important to management today than ever before, this is both because the rate of
environmental change has increased and because there are more types of important environmental
changes. The rate of environmental change should be remembered that all of the development
experienced by humankind has occurred within a moment of history, new types of environmental
change have come to the forefront, economic factors go to the core business activity, and historically
they have always been important to marketing management. Some firms in particular are extremely
vulnerable to changes in the economy. Consumers tend to put off buying a new car, going out to eat, or
building new homes in bad times. In contrast, in good times, firms serving those needs may have
difficulty keeping up with demand. One important point to realize is that different industries are
affected to different degrees by changes in the economy. Although families can cut down on the quality
of the food they buy, going with lower priced brands, for example, there are limits to the savings that
can be made without greatly affecting the living standard of the family. On the other hand, it is often
much easier to put off the purchase of a new car for a year or hold off on remodeling...


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